CMC (Christian Medical College) VELLORE – A Bold Vision with Humble Beginnings​

The Christian Medical College, established in 1900 by missionary Dr. Ida S. Scudder, is a private university located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. It is a Christian community-run medical school, hospital and research institute. CMC Vellore has brought many significant achievements to India, including starting the first College of Nursing in 1946, performing the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world (1948), performing the first successful open heart surgery in India (1961), performing the first kidney transplant in India (1971), performing first bone marrow transplantation (1986) in India and performing the first successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant in India (2009). – Source Wikipedia


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Few Stats about CMC

  • Establishing India’s First college of nursing in 1946.
  • Performing the First reconstructive surgery on leprosy patients in the world in 1948.
  • Establishing the First Neurological Sciences Department in South Asia also in 1948.
  • Performing the First Successful Open Heart surgery in India in 1961.
  • Performing the First Middle-ear Microsurgery in India also in 1961.
  • Establishing the first Rehabilitation Institute in India in 1966.
  • Performing the first Kidney Transplant in India in 1971.
  • Performing India’s first Bone marrow Transplant in 1986.
  • Performing the first carotid bifurcation stenting procedure in India in 1996.
  • Performing the first trans-jugular mitral valvuloplasty procedure in the world in 1996.
  • Performing the first trans-septal carotid stenting procedure in the world also in 1996.
  • Performing the first Successful ABO Incompatible Renal Transplant in India in 2009.

Who is Ida Sophia Scudder ?

Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder  was a third-generation American medical missionary in India. Ida was born to Dr. John Scudder and his wife, Sophia part of a long line of medical missionaries that started with Ida’s grandfather, Rev. Dr. John Scudder Sr. They were members of the Reformed Church in America. Ida Scudder was born on December 9, 1870

Born in India, Scudder was a granddaughter of the first American medical missionary, Dr. John Scudder, who with his seven sons all became missionaries. In 1894 she received her call, that famous “three knocks in the night,” when three young women died in childbirth because there had been no woman doctor to treat them.  Graduating from Cornell University Medical School in the first class open to women, for two years she treated woman patients in her father’s bungalow in Vellore, South India. By 1906 the number of patients she treated annually had risen to 40,000.

scudder laterstage
scudder laterstage

Scudder began training nurses, an almost unheard-of procedure in Asia. Her nursing school grew to become the first graduate school of nursing in India, affiliated with Madras 1918, with the help of women of many denominations, she founded a college to train women doctors. Beginning with seventeen girls, all taught by herself, it grew into a great complex of buildings in a beautiful valley, graduating thousands of skilled, dedicated doctors. Faced with new regulations by the Indian government that threatened to end her work, in 1941 she traveled the length and breadth of the United States raising money, enlisting new leadership with advanced degrees, securing the necessary upgrading of both college and hospital. During her lifetime she saw her medical center become one of the largest in all Asia. Ida Scudder died on May 23, 1960.

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Christian Medical College Vellore, seeks to be a witness in the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research. Despite the heavy patient load of 8500 out-patients, 2500 in-patients everyday and limited space, CMC strives for safety of patients and healthcare workers. Towards this, Quality Management Cell was established in 2007, Safety Cell in 2010 and Occupational Health Wing in 2012 under the Directorate. CMC Vellore is the largest hospital in the country to be accredited (2013) and re-accredited (2016) by NABH. We are the proud recipients of D L Shah National Award 2015 at the 10 National Quality Conclave by the Quality Council of India for “Clinical Audits” and B M J Southeast Asia Award 2017 as the “Quality Improvement Team of the Year”.

The main hospital is situated in the 19-acre Town Campus (earlier referred to as the Thottappalayam Campus) in the heart of Vellore town.Housing for doctors, and patient relatives is also available at the Town Campus, which has various amenities like institutional canteens, ATMs, post offices, provision shops, gift stores and so on, in its premises. People from all community and religion gets treatment from CMC and get cured.


Fort City Fondly Remembers CMC Founder on Death Anniversary … – Fort City Fondly Remembers CMC Founder on Death Anniversary (

CMC celebrates founder’s day – Tribune News Service Ludhiana, March 25 The founder’s day celebrations of Christian Medical College were held today. The day was celebrated in the memory of CMC founder Dame Edith Brown. She establi (



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CMC Vellore Ranking Highlights recent years in Indian Medical Colleges

Ranking (Medical category)YearRanked At
NIRF ( National Institutional Ranking Framework)20183 out of 100
NIRF ( National Institutional Ranking Framework)20193 out of 100
NIRF ( National Institutional Ranking Framework)20203 out of 100
Outlook-India20203 out of 100
The Week20192 out of 126
India Today20192 out of 100

CMC Vellore has been outstanding in medical colleges in India and tops the South Zone for so many years in the category such as Best Medical Colleges , Best Speciality Hospitals Paediatrics ,Gynaecology , Gastroenterology, Neurology, Diabetic Care, Orthopaedics , Cardiology, Oncology.

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